Space Clearing

Working with the land and buildings.


Our natural habitat sometimes needs help clearing heavy energy (with it's permission of course)

Our natural habitat sometimes needs help clearing heavy energy (with it’s permission of course)

Ceremonies have been performed since ancient times to cleanse and raise the energetic connection of homes, sacred buildings and community space. The Q’ero medicine men and women work with heavy or light energy and this can also relate to heavy patterns of energy in the land.

Space clearing is an ancient art of releasing stagnant or heavy energy (Hucha) and calling the light into it’s place. Clearing heaviness from natural environments or buildings is much like working energetically on the body. The only difference being is that when we work in nature, we are working directly with the body of Gaia or Mother Earth and all her helpers. These helpers could be land spirits, the elementals, the Apu’s (mountain spirits), the tree and water spirits and even the cloud spirits!.

The Andean cosmic vision believes that through our sacred connection to Mother Earth, Father Sky and the Universe, we build up a deep relationship with nature. This could with be nature spirits, ancestors or the energy of the land. A tree can be seen as our brother and sister, as can the stars, the elementals and the Deva’s. In the Andean vision we are all equal and there’s no heirarchy.

space clearing home 600pxHave you every walked into a room and felt colder, or an intuitive sense that something wasn’t right?. We can all be unconsciously affected by the energy of a building (even by the company or owner that runs it). If spirits are trapped for example, then they may cause us mental or emotional distress until we learn how to help release them. All spaces we spend time in have energy that affects our wellbeing. The energy can also affect our relationships, our abundance and creative flow to a more positive or negative degree.


Spaces can be cleared by liberating trapped spirits and transmuting the heaviness into light by raising it’s energetic vibration. Often, you can immediately see the shift of energy lighten when shamanic clearing has finished. Your intention and the dreaming your world into being is also a large part of the clearing process.

Your home feels light and free after space clearing!

Your home feels light and free after space clearing!

Benefits of Space Clearing:

  • Your home  or area cleansed may feel larger, brighter and your own space, imbued with the intention and vision that you want to see.
  • Clearing energy helps you to take the next steps needed towards a new path more easily.
  • Space clearing helps you to be able to concentrate more easily and feel better about your situation.
  • Areas of your life that previously felt blocked begin to flow once more, coming into perfect harmony.

What happens during a consultation ?

  • We can talk on the phone and then I like to visit the site, with a meeting face to face to determine the work needed ( this can also be done at a distance if necessary).
  • A full clearing process could include: creating an altar, journeying, making a ceremony for the ancestors, liberating trapped spirits or clearing a portal, there are an infinite number of things that we could do.
  • I’m happy to work alone and I also have colleagues to ask for help if it’s a big project. I’m also open to involving you in my shamanic work and allowing you to help where possible.

I look forward to working with you or answering any questions you may have directly. Please contact me for more details, I’ve also written a blog post here about space clearing.




Thank you so much Ali for the work you do. I have found myself being drawn into the woods more in the past couple of weeks, and it just feels right. 
I was unexpectedly touched by the experience of the healing, and as the bluebells emerge, as the crops in the walled garden start to come to harvest, as the pool starts to show signs of coming to life, and the walk through the woods feels lighter and happier, I find it easy to believe in the power of this work. The universe affects us in ways that go much deeper than the surface of mind, and reach much farther than its operation in thought, and I am grateful for the time and love you bring to this work.

Teacher, Montessori School, East Sussex, 2017.