Soul Retrieval and Ceremony

Ottorongo – Jaguar

Soul Retrieval

Journeying into the underworld can help us to understand what’s holding us: repeating patterns of behaviour that don’t serve us, realising that something is missing from our life but not sure what it is… we gain understanding and compassion from this process and enable ourselves to move on.In this Shamanic tradition, we journey to the three main worlds: Lower/the underworld (Ukhu Pacha), the middle world (Kay Pacha) and the upper world (Hanaq Pacha). In each of these worlds it’s also possible to find a power animal relating to the issue you’re working on at the time.



Space Clearing and blessing a yurt at ‘The Wild Star Gathering’ in Stanmer Park.

Space Clearing

Ali offers space clearing for houses, offices and the land. We can often feel affected by trauma or events that have happened in the past on a specific site. These places need clearing of heaviness, just like our bodies and can be connected to our ancestors or even soul loss.

Please contact her for a free consultation or if you have any questions.







Baba Yaga Altar


The ancient wise women used divination and spell casting! Clients are empowered to step out of their old roles: the roles that society/family/generations has cast upon them. Now we can create a new story that is in tune with our destiny, to step fully into the life that’s ours and that has always lived within us.



Group Despacho Ceremony

Ceremony/Rites and Ritual

There are times in our lives when it’s helpful to have a rite of passage or a ritual. This allows us to call upon the Sacred Other to be witness to our intentions and empowers the changes that we want to make. Whether it’s moving from one stage of life to another, whether it’s loss, or celebration. The cycles of life and death and re-birth, live within in us. When we offer our prayers to Spirit, we know that they will be answered. We simply have to get out of the way and watch it unfold! For more information on ceremonies, please go to the ceremonies and workshops page.