Space Clearing

“In structuring and running the Medicine Wheel sessions together, Ali and Marc achieve something extraordinary. They bring to the work a composed and assured authenticity, and a non-judgemental open-heartedness, that gently creates a space that is safe, yet filled with infinite potential. It’s a space that almost imperceptibly invites and entices everyone who joins the circle to embrace the Mythic, and to thereby experience the power of deep transformation which is available to us all, but with which we are normally so rarely able to engage”.


A. Coupland

Entrepeneur and Consultant, Freelance

Dear Ali, I just wanted to say a big thank you for giving us so much for this Medicine Wheel West Direction weekend. I connected with some beautiful people, it was a magical setting and you gave us such important and heartfelt teachings. It was so very special, thank you!

F. Swaffer

Antiques Dealer, Arundel, W. Sussex, 2016


My work with Ali has been the most powerful and transformative part of my healing journey to date.I have worked with a few shamans in my life, but I have found Ali’s approach to resonate with me the most – and boy have the changes been powerful!. From the very first session I felt a major positive shift related to how I deal with my family. By the second, the ‘flow’ in my life was really evident, and I really understand how what was holding me back from being as successful in business as I could be – some things that only Ali could have helped me with. Ali’s very warm and gentle nature makes you feel instantly calm and relaxed in the entire process. She is also incredibly supportive, and provides all the key information discussed and experienced during your session in an email afterwards. This really helps to focus you on work you can do at home between sessions to continue your healing journey.

Adele Wolstenhulme,

Director/Founder, Inside Out Nutrition (UK) , Board of Directors at Bite The Sun, , Brighton, 2015

Ali has taken me on a wonderful and deep energetic journey. I felt very safe and well held throughout the session. Ali’s way of working is professional and gentle and she makes it easy for the client to move into the healing space with trust and an open heart.

I could really sense her deep connection to nature and the passion and experience she brings to her work. At the end of the session I felt very grounded, light and confident about my next steps


London, 2010

I enjoyed being able to be completely honest and being heard. I feel much more authentic now and see my part in so many difficulties in the past with relationships. I forgive myself, understanding how others have felt and played their part in the situation.

I was able to heal my ancestral line, forgiving and understanding my ancestors .I saw the positive aspects of their lives. I’ve also let go and reclaimed parts of myself I’d had been afraid of.

I got a sense of clarity, vision, sense of balance, healing, peace, inner stillness, self-esteem and more love of self and others. I loved the location and space, beautiful.



Complimentary Therapist, Kent, 2016

The sessions with Ali showed me a spiritual path that really made me feel connected. They successfully targeted specific areas that needed work and also helped me to see that it’s an on-going process that deepens over time. The process has opened up a whole new part of me and also showed me that I have many spirit helpers that I was previously unaware of.  I was lovingly moved and supported into another dimension. I was given answers with guidance.

The sessions gave me a renewed, supported, determination and focus of where I’m supposed to really be, I also feel peace and strength. All of the interventions combined provided support. It’s a holistic spiritual package and the healing space is beautiful.



Retired, Surrey, 2016


Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a feeling of longing for something. I always thought it was because I was looking for a perfect soul mate. Since having a soul retrieval with Ali, I realise that I was pining for the ‘lost’ parts of me. Now that they’ve been restored I feel more complete.

Generally I feel much happier and more accepting of myself and the longing has disappeared. Ali is a beautiful humble soul, someone to aspire to. I really loved doing this inner journey with her


Writer, Brighton, 2015

Having been diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer,I decided to try shamanic healing. I chose Ali because I liked the structured way she described what she does. I have since found every session revealing,healing and joyful. She creates a wonderful ‘ listening and affirmation‘ space. Her comments are clear and simple.

I’m absolutely clear that the shamanic sessions have significantly removed underlying stress patterns, reintegrated personality aspects which have been in conflict for most of the 60-odd years of my existence and made it possible to maintain mental and emotional balance through this challenging period.



Brighton, 2012

The Munay Ki rites have been an amazing journey. I felt my impulse to have the rites grow until I was guided towards Ali in her beautiful sanctuary. Slowly, a wonderful new dimension for my life has opened up. We carried out some of the rites in sacred places and in nature, where we could feel all the energy of the elements supporting us. We connected strongly with the ancestral luminous beings who always guided us . During this time, I felt such a sense of reciprocity and balance. I’m very grateful to Mother Earth, the Spirit World, our past and future generations and the archetypes for having shared their wisdom. They’ve put such a generous full of light being called Ali on my path.



Naturopath, Hartford 2014

Something is very different that I don’t really have the words for since receiving the rites. I feel a quietness,calm and joy is flowing into my life when wandering each day out in the countryside. Thank you once again for a very enlightening experience with the Munay Ki rites, it was very much the right time and in your wonderful sessions and delivery the right person for me, with gratitude to you.



Brian Anderson

Shamanic Practitioner, Bath 2013

For many years I’ve suffered with PTSD due to a turbulent childhood, it has been my default mechanism to embrace life not with confidence and curiosity, but with fear. Ali’s Shamanic sessions have brought about a calmness within me and an optimism, I feel able to deal with life much better now and am embracing new possibilities and looking forward – not back. I can’t thank Ali enough for helping me enjoy what life offers now; along with her personalised homework and recommendations of flower remedies I feel more content and in balance within myself. Having a sensitive and non-judgemental Healer like Ali has helped me immensely – thank you.



Sussex 2015