Community, Full Moon Fires, Circles of light

The meaning of community in our times


community childrenA community can share a vision, dreaming it into being and holding the energy of that vision as a group until it manifests. One example of this is the Camphill Communities. I have worked there as a crafts tutor for young adults with special needs. These communities live with the students or adults and have a beautiful Ethos developed by Rudolf Steiner and Karl Koenig. The qualities that come through most strongly here are respect for each other but also working together for the good of the whole, with a shared daily and seasonal rhythm. This rhythm and togetherness builds resilience and helps to negate any unhelpful addictive behavioural patterns through the crafts we offer, which are weaving, basketry, pottery, felting and woodwork, as well as cooking and baking. Of course, it isn’t always easy to do this but the strength of any community lies in its strong roots and a deep connection with each other.

fractal world treeLike a tree, a community needs to have a strong foundation or root structure that connects deeply to the earth, as well as the highest branches that connect to the stars, then it can create beautiful and tasty fruit!. Trees communicate with each other through fungi in the earth and have built up a huge network of communicating light energy across these lands.

Unlike trees, humans are also able to create and manifest their creativity into beauty. One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt is that in order to honour my community, I need to honour my true self and let that be expressed in the world.

IMG_1820I believe that before we are born, we make sacred contracts to meet or learn certain lessons from soul mates or friends during our lifetime. I believe that Karma has a great deal to do with our daily life and the friends we meet on our path. Synchronicity is a way for the universe to help magic in our own lives to unfold, through meeting the right person at the right time or seeing the right piece of information amongst other things. If we are open to this, then we can achieve so much more than just making plans with our rational brain. It’s about being open to a flow of energy that is bigger than we are and trusting that we are going in the right direction.

© Ali Rabjohns 2016