The Golden Thread Workshop, Sun 13 April 7-9pm.

The Golden Thread Workshop, Sun 13 April 7-9pm.

Golden Thread E Flyer A5x2


This workshop is suitable for those with those who are experienced with journeying, as well as those who would like an introduction to journeying and shamanism. Step into your power with beauty, grace and magic!

We will be journeying into the underworld, as well as the upper worlds in order to shed what’s holding us back from integrating our golden thread, our personal intent with the essence of our highest destiny. We will be particularly honouring our ancestors and dreaming our world into being with a ceremony for the stars.

Walking The Labyrinth with Pauline Black.

Walking The Labyrinth with Pauline Black.

Shakeel13.Pauline Drumming

Pauline Black by Shakeel

It is with great pleasure that I introduce my friend and colleague Pauline Black, a Shamanic Homeopath based in West Sussex. Pauline spends part of her time living in Brittany, which is where we originally met.  We are in a shamanic group ‘Earthkeepers’ together, where we meet to celebrate the earth calendar and have a yearly vision quest. An important part of Pauline’s work is with Labyrinths. Here is her story of how she created a portable labyrinth from old french linen sheets.

What’s the purpose of walking a labyrinth?

The first time I ever walked a labyrinth it felt like a deeply enriching experience, like it helped me connect to something bigger than myself.  I have since walked them many times in different places in the world and it always feels like a special experience to me.  After walking one in Brittany that a friend created, something quite extraordinary happened to me and my life shifted into a different gear.  I just think they help to connect you to a greater potential and doors begin to open that were previously closed….

Can you tell me about the deepest experience you’ve had during or after walking a labyrinth?

ChartresI was walking a vast stone labyrinth in Brittany, which was based on the Chartres one, with a group of friends and also some complete strangers, as part of a ceremony on full moon.  I felt like I had stepped into another dimension and was so completely one with this whole group of people, most of whom I didn’t even know.  Love was so present for us all (we discovered in the sharing afterwards) and it just felt completely magical. However, what followed this and surrounded the whole experience was the real magic – dreams I had held for many, many years began to unfold and manifest – it was as if a door had opened and a world of infinite possibilities had opened themselves to me.

What made you decide to create your own Labyrinth?.

The magic continues to this day – so much so that I was determined to create a cloth labyrinth for us to use when we wanted to and to share it with others.

labyrinthHow was the labyrinth was made? 

Firstly  I brought the idea to our shamanic group Earth Keepers, we met as a group and drew the design onto the linen sheets after Julie Nicol designed the labyrinth n her computer. The separate sheets were then given to different people to embroider/embellish, each were told they could use whatever colours they wished .  Finally after several months we all met and sewed all the seams together. So many synchronicities happened along the way to help it come out perfectly at the end but there were a few hiccups, like I  sewed my part on the back rather than the front ! . It also took a long time to co-ordinate everyone together, the process was a bit chaotic at one point- like the experience of walking the labyrinth itself.

When was the first time people were able to walk the Labyrinth you created?

labyrinth walk It was on the Winter Solstice 2013 at The River of Life Church in Worthing (we needed a large room with a spiritual feel to it, so this lovely Art Deco church was perfect).  About 23 people came and walked it in a candle-lit church with Carolyn playing her Tibetan and crystal bowls to accompany the walk.  We shared lunch/had refreshments in a separate room so anyone walking it was able to do so in an atmosphere of complete tranquility. Comments received were that it was a very moving and novel experience, like nothing they had experienced before and that it brought them into a place of peace and stillness.

Shakeel15LabyrinthdoodleGo to Pauline’s website here for more information about her practice or please contact Ali for her contact details if you would like Earthkeepers to create a Labyrinth in your area . Julie Nicol and Pauline Black also run fantastic Labyrinth workshops, why not give it a go? .


Julie Nicol by Shakeel

Eagle – Dreaming our World into Being.

Eagle – Dreaming our World into Being.


Welcome to stillness, sacredness and a time of majestic dreaming !.

Sometimes, when we can only trust that the next step is for our highest good, then eagle can help us to have the vision to see our situation or re-birth through in a series of transitions. Eagle gives us the ultimate tool to let everything go. All our struggles and difficulties seem to shift when we rise up with the majesty of eagle’s wings and look at it all with a different perspective. Eagle energy can help us to take an issue up to the highest mountains , in order to shift it at the level of source. It an also help us to let everything go, in order to step fully into our highest destiny


Having journeyed through the North with our ancestral and karmic issues,the East direction of the medicine wheel helps us to see the archetypal and core behaviour patterns of our lives. These patterns may hold us back , eagle helps us to look at them from a distance with the coldness and clarity of a bird’s eye vision. Eagle also helps us to look at the minute detail of a difficult situation energetically, unravelling and dissecting the root of it.

Eagle is  about our connection with the heart on a deeply spiritual level. We can understand our sacred contracts with other soul mates from this perspective for example, even when in the physical realms what’s happening cannot be explained.

Eagle has helped me to step back and allow events to unfold for my highest good. He/she reminds me that when I start to desire an outcome or try to manipulate a situation for my own benefit, (rather than for the good of the whole), then I immediately go into a tail spin. I lose the experience of that calm collected flight among the airstream of the mountains I can only dream of. This exquisite energy can help us to dream a world into being that has no ripples or effects that will boomerang back to us in the future.


Medicine Wheel : East Direction, 22 and 23 March 2014.

Neil and I will be continuing our journey around the medicine wheel where we will be flying with eagle as visionaries and seers towards our highest destiny. This will be at Abney Hall near Manchester.

If you can’t make our workshop, then I encourage you to call eagle medicine into your life and spend some time to sit in stillness in order to see the core patterns holding you back from a distance. Take time to open sacred space, calling on eagle to help you dream a world into being for yourself and your childrens children for your highest good. Ceremony, journeying with eagle,manifestation boards, vision boards and dream catchers are all part of the wonderful, expansive and heart centred world of eagle medicine !.

Workshop Summary : Death and Rebirth

The journey East symbolises endings and new beginnings: something has to die before something new can emerge. So we will focus on death and rebirth on the Saturday. To do this safely and effectively we call on Eagle who connects us with Great Spirit and carries us in her/his wings whilst we die to a part of ourselves, before birthing something quite new.

Dreaming in a new world

The work we will do on the Saturday will prepare us well for the other major element of East work and Eagle medicine: envisioning and dreaming in a new world. So we invite you now to give yourself permission to dream big, to dream courageously, so when we come together we can make the most of the opportunities Eagle will most certainly provide for us as we reach the end of this Medicine Wheel and the beginning of something quite new.

Cost of this workshop is £150 per person . Please contact Neil for more details – or Ali at

Humming-Bird Medicine – Deep Nectar for our Soul’s Calling.

Humming-Bird Medicine – Deep Nectar for our Soul’s Calling.

May you fly with beauty

Hummingbird helps us to connect more strongly and to create a space for our soul’s essence to be expressed by releasing the emotional or physical blocks holding us back in the ancestral realms .

When humming-bird arrives it means it is time for ACTION!  It signifies a CALL TO ADVENTURE and a move out of the head and into the centre of one’s will – one’s SOLAR PLEXUS. We cease procrastination and we have to take a LEAP OF FAITH, trusting that all will be well because we have prepared our base well (serpent) and dealt with enough of our shadow and projections (jaguar) to move outwards in the world.

It is different from blind faith, because the trust that underpins its decisive nature is built on a real knowing, true WISDOM which comes from a deep connection with the natural world and with the ANCESTORS – so here we honour the ancestors, the ancient ones for their wise teachings as they stand behind us, supporting us, projecting us, willing us to move forwards and stand on our own two feet.

Alberto Villoldo says in ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’  ‘ Once touched by the energies of this archetype, we are propelled on our own epic journey that eventually leads us back to our source, where our spirit was spawned, in that ancestral fields of flowers, we can drink deeply from the nectar of our lives’.

The essence of the North energy helps us to release old structures in our lives and the roles that we play out, that may have been passed down to us by our ancestors. When we create ceremony to help these patterns of behaviour release through us , then we create a space for magic to occur. Creativity, storytelling,poetry and myth, even drama are all belonging to the hummingbird domain.

Hummingbird has helped me to organise a trip to Peru with my friends from The Four Winds Society and go, leaving my family behind for three weeks. This medicine helps me not to get bogged down by the minutiae of daily life and to keep my vision strong. Working on the level of the mythic and the soul – hummingbird medicine helps me to show my clients the story of their lives through storytelling or sacred drama and how their highest destiny can unfold with love and self belief.

Humming bird medicine is represented by the theta waves of the brain, where we daydream out of the window whilst washing the dishes – or rise to a challenge, even though we have no idea how we will pay for it or make it happen on a physical level.

Whilst I was in Canada working on a textile installation in a flowery meadow, I was lucky enough to be regularly visited by hummingbirds on our site. These tiny creatures fly from Brazil to Canada each year and need a huge amount of nectar to survive. They don’t worry about where they’re going to get this nectar from but just have a trust and an inner conviction that all will be well.

On a day-to-day basis I use hummingbird to help me tune into my creativity or enjoy the arts, as well as stepping into serving great spirit. This medicine helps me to find the right songs and stories to touch and open up my student’s hearts. It helps my word be filled with light and to follow the courage of my convictions  (and my intuition) even when I can’t see where I’m being taken. Through ceremony, it helps me to see a perceived disaster as a transition to transformation and dream weave the story of my highest destiny into being. Hummingbird definitely helps me to enhance the quality of my life through creating beautiful surroundings.

I track hummingbird with my clients to see the essence of the light in their soul that they carry, to see if they are suffering soul loss and their potential for following their dreams. I help clients to invoke hummingbird when they are embarking on an epic life journey. Ceremony is a wonderful way to invoke Hummingbird, especially through singing or any of the arts.

Ideas for working with Hummingbird:

hummingbird-pictureWhy not invoke hummingbird medicine through your own unique creativity and create an altar to help find a solution to a problem or to honour your ancestors ?. If possible,point this altar towards the North direction and include objects that relate to all the 5 senses as well as the element fire.  You could even make your own love charm from feathers, or use them to clear away any heavy energy that may be holding you back from stepping into your highest destiny.

Use a drumming C.D or drum in order to identify and name all the roles that you have held  or hold in your lifetime. Go back to the moment you took them on and acknowledge how this still holds you in a particular way of being (and doing) and then let them go. Letting them go could be just writing the roles onto scraps of paper and then burning them in a sacred fire. It could also mean invoking hummingbird to blow your love and gratitude for these parts of you before letting them go to fly on to greater heights.

best hummingbird

Neil and I will be teaching the hummingbird (North) direction of the medicine wheel. It will be a powerful and rich weekend, full of practical exercises and tools that will help connect you fully to the archetype of hummingbird and embed new ways of bringing your highest destiny into your every day life.

Please join us on 19/20 October at Abney Hall in Manchester. The full cost (including a night’s accommodation) is £150. Please email me for more details.

May you walk in beauty.

The Way of the West – Jaguar : Integrity, Clarity and Peace.

The Way of the West – Jaguar : Integrity, Clarity and Peace.


Working with Jaguar (or Otorongo) energy has been one of my most powerful shamanic experiences so far. This archetype helps me to explore those dark craggy places that I’m too afraid to look into on my own. In an article related to Ian Bank’s death from cancer, Ian described how to look into the abyss without being sucked into it. Jaguar helps us to see into the abyss and to bring us ultimate peace by facing our fears or shadows , moving through them towards our highest destiny. Facing our fears like this (and it’s never as bad as you think) helps us to find our ‘buried treasure’ of our soul. This then, gives us a greater power available to us in the present.

Jaguar essentially offers us authentic power and peace .  With her Medicine we dive into the depths of who we are. She teaches us the way of grace through the constant practice of facing death and looking under the stones for our shadowy selves. She helps us to mulch any heavy energies around us. Jaguar is also excellent medicine for setting boundaries and using the concept of ‘tough love’ with our nearest and dearest. She shows us how to clean up our river and go with the flow, using pure intention and playfulness to achieve the goals for our highest good. I constantly call on my jaguar medicine to assist cleansing any hucha during a healing session. Jaguar will journey with me underground and go in front of me to check the way is clear or to help digest any hucha . When I call in the winds of the west in the sacred space prayer, I say ‘Mother , sister jaguar, help us walk over that rainbow bridge between this life and the next, showing us that suffering is something we only do to ourselves. Help us to walk with clarity and peace’.

I remember a time when I was really suffering a dark night of the soul. Several things had caused a domino effect in my life, causing me to feel extremely angry and frustrated at my ‘stuck’ situation. My ego thought I wanted to do something but the universe was telling me clearly that this wasn’t the right time. Of course, I didn’t want to listen but this ultimately caused pain and conflict within myself. I became so efficient at judging myself and self- blame that I couldn’t see what  I was doing to myself.

It took some good support from like-minded friends/fellow practitioners and a lot of ‘sitting with’ my situation, using Jaguar to literally track and ‘walk between the worlds’ eating the heavy energy (the hucha) daily from my energy field to get perspective, the process took over six months to clear. People think that shamanic practitioners have it all worked out, this is not always so. We are only here in this role because we have listened to the call from Great Spirit and been able to step up ( or maybe even been dragged to it, through external circumstances). There are always opportunities for us to grow and strengthen our spiritual connection with the world and our communities. In my experience, the lighter and clearer your energy field becomes – the darker and heavier energies tend to be most attracted to this. So, the more experienced you become – the greater the challenges – but don’t let that put you off!.

Some invaluable tools for helping clear hucha and to bring your situation into balance are:

1. Florida water and Palo Santo – a sacred wood from the amazon that has an earthy, pungent smell. Florida water can be made with vodka and essential oils.

2. Dedicating your altar to Jaguar, invoking her daily and learning how to work with her. develop your relationship with her. Ask her what you need to do to be at peace with your situation.

3. Creating a sand painting.  This helps us to see our situation from a greater perspective and channel the greater good of the situation through ‘playing’ with mother nature. Sand paintings aren’t pictures created from sand. They are a living energy mandala created (as much as possible) on the earth, on the belly of Pachamama. Pachamama loves heavy energy, she thrives on it.

Sand paintings are created in sacred space. First – make a circle of twigs or leaves, this is your container for the energy you will place there. They can be created in your garden (preferably not too far away) or your balcony, even a bowl of earth in your home is better than nothing. Then, decide on the main components of your dilemma or block ie – who’s involved, what’s holding you back?. Place stones, shells or twigs onto the sand painting, blowing the essence of the energies present into them . This shows Mother Earth how you feel about this situation. It’s always amazing to ‘see’ the story from a distance. Then, allow the sand painting to ‘cook’ for a period of up to a week. Over this period, frequently visit your sand painting and change things around. You can re-inform the stones and articles in your sand painting with your breath and love as everything starts to unfold and come back into balance. Eventually, there will be more love than fear or pain blown into the sand painting and at this point it appears transformed. They are a magical process and never ceases to amaze me at their simplicity and beauty.

Another very efficient way of clearing hucha in your energy field or from any situation is a technique I learned from Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son Ivan.  The energy technique is called Hucha Miqui and means literally to ‘digest’ heavy energy.

This is something Neil and I will be teaching in our next workshop at Abney Hall in Manchester in September.

Saturday 7th to Sunday 8th September 2013


The Way of the Jaguar : Integrity, Clarity and Peace.


In this workshop there will be a combination of experiential shamanic exercises that will help you to embed the energetic techniques we learn together. We’ll also have time to re-connect with our sacred selves , as well as our shadow selves and with nature through fire ceremony, creative activities and sand paintings. We hope that this will be done with the gifts of humour and grace, if any of you have heard of coyote medicine – this is also the medicine we’re talking of :).

Bearing this in mind, we will be looking specifically at issues surrounding the themes of:

– Boundaries and protection.

– Self compassion and love.

– Our deepest fear and therefore our greatest treasure.

– Huch Miqui and digesting heavy energy.

– Embodying the archetype of Jaguar through movement and drumming.

Here are some testimonials from our previous workshops:

I attended a Medicine Wheel workshop dedicated to the South direction, facilitated by Neil and Ali , who are totally dedicated to the path of Spirit and enlightenment, void of self-importance. Their integrity shines through and I trusted them implicitly, which is essential for this deep, connecting work. I have attended many wonderful, experiential workshops in the last thirty years but this was something  different and of a high nature.  Although it is called a workshop I would describe it more in terms of a deep communion with something that resides within me, awaiting my call. This led me to perceive what I needed to ‘let go ‘ of and what I needed to ’embrace’ if I wished to become more of my inner Truth and Beauty. The most powerful exercise for me was creating my own sand painting which changed and evolved over the weekend. By the end of this time, I had received many insights and knew what was holding me back. It is almost a month since the course now and I have received so many gifts in many forms, in shadow and light, from Sacha Mama. I can unreservedly recommend these  Medicine Wheel journeys if you are intending to let go and uncover your true self. 

Pamela, Manchester 2013.

I attended a two-day course with Ali and Neil and it was amazing. I began it feeling unconfident and lost in my life, unsure of what I was doing and of myself. After two days of beautiful and powerful ceremonies I feel revived, more confident and more at  peace in myself than I have for a while. They are caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful healers / guides and they gave themselves to the course as much as we did. As with these courses the more you put in the more you put out. I thoroughly recommend them. 

K.Torode, Brighton 2013.

We felt it was the best experience we have ever had, I think we both felt we connected with a type of energy and way of being that we had been seeking for such a long time.  We both love nature and ritual and ceremony and were very moved by how simple but strong these were in your teachings this weekend.   Neil and yourself are a powerful force and a really amazing combination for this kind of work, making it accessible to the uninitiated like ourselves and yet keeping that focus and magic and honouring the energy you both work with.  

S and S. Reason Manchester, 2013.

The whole workshop was thoroughly and thoughtfully planned providing fun and challenges in equal measure.  You both created an atmosphere that was supportive, safe and nurturing so that the personal challenges could be approached with confidence and openness. Your experience and deep knowledge of the tradition shone through giving all the work strength and integrity.  A powerful experience in every way!  Many thanks.
D. Adamson, Manchester 2013.




We hope to see you there but if you can’t make it, I encourage you to invoke jaguar from the west. Call her in when you open sacred space. Allow her to help you to step into your power with peace and grace through mulching what you no longer need into the earth. Good luck!




The Beauty and Truth of Sachamamma Medicine.

The Beauty and Truth of Sachamamma Medicine.

Aliceremony2loIn the Q’ero Indian tradition of the High Andes, we were taught that Sachamamma is the southerly direction of their medicine wheel. The Andean Cosmo vision, like many other indigenous tribes, sees all living beings as equal. A Q’ero Paqo will treat the stars, the sun and his animals as brother or sister. A Paqo is someone who has been called to a spiritual path in the local community, traditionally by being hit by lightning. He can converse with the mountain spirits (The Apu’s) and brings right relationship and reciprocity (Ayni) to his community by bridging both worlds.

Four months after finishing my shamanic training with The Four Winds Society, I moved back to England with my family. I was quite literally shedding a skin, just like a serpent would. Since then, serpent has guided me to step into my new teaching role, as well as travel to the amazon jungle. It’s given me the wisdom and courage to gently speak my truth without fear. Here is the first part of the Sacred Space prayer I use when I call in The Four Directions:

To the winds of the south,

Sachamamma, Amaru, mother of the waters, the rivers and the galaxies, all the roads that lead us together, come join us.

Great Serpent, wrap your coils of light around us,

Teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin, cleanly all in one piece,

To birth our bodies full of rainbow light, teach us the beauty way: beauty behind us, beauty before us and beauty beside us so everything we create is touched with beauty.

Come mother we welcome you. HO!

Scary-Serpent-640x960At first it felt strange to think that I could evoke an Amazonian serpent energy to weave it’s way into my life and help me to literally clean up the flow of my river. Little did I know quite how transformational serpent would end up being! Sachamamma has guided me through death and re-birth with grace and noble vision; it was only me who kept screaming for help!

As I call serpent in and look at her eye to eye, it can still send shivers up my spine and give me goosebumps. I see her iridescent scales; she has the undulating power to squeeze me tight, as well as walk with beauty in the world. She helps me to nourish myself and to live sustainably on the earth too.If there is anything holding us back from walking our truth or from re-connecting to our innocence, sachamamma will help us to release these blocks and to walk softly on the earth again with a spring in our step. Sachamamma helps us to go deep within and journey to where we source ourselves. The beauty of Sachamamma is that she’s always ready to re-birth you into the world.

Ideas for using Sachamamma medicine in your daily practice.

If you would like to invoke Sachamamma medicine in your life, consider creating a beautiful altar in the southerly direction of your home or garden. Use snake sticks or serpent like stones to help you. Call in sacred space and invoke the archetype of serpent, ask her to help you discover if you are holding onto something you need to let go of in your life . Where is this being held in your body? What is holding you back from speaking your truth or walking with beauty in the world?  Close your eyes, breathe deeply and receive her gentle wisdom through words, a feeling of knowing or imagery.  Release these blocks by blowing them into a stone, or a stick and then bury or burn them at a sacred fire.

Another way to sense these blocks would be to call in sacred space and invoke the archetype Sachamamma, choosing some sacred snaky music just for you. As the music plays, really feel yourself empowered by this serpentine archetype. As you move and dance your snake dance, allow any tensions or blocks to be felt in your body and then let them go with the help of Sachamamma, letting them be shed into the earth, through your feet.

Give thanks and honour your work by holding a sacred fire at a full or new moon to release what needs to be shed, or light a candle. Please see my website for more details of the sacred space prayer or creating a sacred fire.

215-Chakana-at-Pisac-300x225Details of our Sachamamma workshop and the Shamans Medicine Wheel.

We are preparing a series of four weekend workshops which will take you on a Sacred Journey from birth to death and finally to awakening.  They are open to all, regardless of previous experience of shamanism and each can be experienced as a stand-alone workshop or as a complete journey around the Shaman’s Medicine Wheel.

The weekends will be powerful, intensive and very creative and will include ceremony, ritual, many energetic exercises, time for deep personal inner work and group celebration, indoors and outside in nature. These workshops are also relevant to experienced practitioners who want to re-embed these sacred, beautiful ways into their work.


April 20th to 21st                                 SOUTH:  The Way of the Serpent:  Truth and Beauty

June 29th to 30th                                  WEST:     The Way of the Jaguar: Peace and Fearlessness

September 7th to 8th                          NORTH:  The Way of the Hummingbird:  Joy and Harmony

October 19th to 20th                         EAST:         The Way of Eagle:  Vision and Awakening

Neil Brocklehurst and I are experienced shamanic practitioners who have trained with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado. We run regular workshops and healing sessions for groups and individuals. You can find out more about Neil at and myself at

COST £100 per workshop

VENUE: Abney Scout and Guide Training and Residential Centre, Newlands Road, Cheadle, Cheshire, SK8 2PD

MORE INFORMATION: Please phone Neil on 07985 211975

Ali Ceremony Wild Star

For all our relations, Ali Rabjohns 2013.

THE MEDICINE WHEEL:      a shamanic journey of healing and discovery

THE MEDICINE WHEEL: a shamanic journey of healing and discovery


Four Residential (optional) Weekend Workshops from April to October 2013

Dates:              20th-21st April, 29th-30th June, 7th-8th September, 19th-20th October

Venue:             Abney Scout and Guide Training and Residential Centre, Newlands Road, Cheadle, Cheshire SK8 2PD. For a detailed map:

Cost:                £100 per person per workshop, inclusive of all refreshments, evening meal on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday and accommodation. Please bring your own packed lunch. We regret there are no discounts for those not requiring accommodation or meals.


Description:    This series of four weekend workshops (with the option of an overnight stay on the Saturday) will take you on a Sacred Journey from birth to death and finally to awakening.  Each weekend explores a different cardinal direction, in order to honour all the gifts and teachings associated with each of the four elements, their archetypes and their respective healing powers.  The weekends will be powerful, intensive and very creative and will include ceremony, ritual, many energetic exercises, time for deep personal inner work and group celebration, indoors and outside in nature.  We begin in South, the path of Truth and Beauty guided by Serpent.  In June we move West, the path of Peace and Fearlessness, guided by Jaguar.  In September we fly North, on the path of Joy and Harmony, guided by Humming Bird and in October we end in East, the path of Spirit and Awakening, guided by Eagle.  Whilst we strongly encourage you to commit to the whole Medicine Wheel, it is possible to join us for just one.

Facilitators:     Neil Brocklehurst and Ali Rabjohns are experienced shamanic practitioners who have trained with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado and run regular workshops and healing sessions for groups and individuals. You can find out more about Neil at and Ali at

Booking:          To book your place please phone Healthy Spirit on 0161 434 6784, or call in to the shop at 37 Barlow Moor Road, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6TW. You can find out more about Healthy Spirit at You will be asked to pay a £15 deposit per workshop and make this payable to Healthy Spirit.  The remaining balance of £85 per workshop will be payable either in cash or cheque to the facilitators one week prior to each workshop.

More info:        Please phone Neil on 07985 211975 or visit his website


The Moving Mandala Shamanic Training

18:30 pm Oct 20 – 16:00pm Oct 23 2012

Location: Boswedden House and surrounding sacred sites

near St Just-in-Penwith, Cornwall

For accomodation see:

Cost: £465 including local travel during workshop training, vegetarian meals,shared accomodation,

materials, online exercises and questions after the course. Deposit of £150 required by Sep 15 2012.

This course is for advanced practitioners only.

If you are interested in applying, please contact: Nancy Dancing Light at

For general information on the course:

or contact Ali at

The Wild Star Gathering

The Wild Star Gathering

The Wild Star Gathering

Natural Creative Workshops and Seasonal Arts Celebration, Stanmer Park, Brighton. July 28th- August 19th 2012. 10am-4pm.

Come and join us in Stanmer Park to celebrate Lammas, an ancient tribal tradition. Wild Star Gathering is working towards unity, through creativity and reflection.

Earthkeepers main celebration for Lammas will be on 18/19 August and includes creating a golden willow bower, corn dollies, singing and dancing, sharing food around the fire, setting our intention for the coming year. This is when we share our lovely ideas for our children’s children, setting our intention to bring these ideas into reality over the coming year. We will be embedding skills, ideas and visions for the future and coming full circle for the next cycle. This is a time when we think as part of a greater whole, for the good of the planet. Please see programme for specific times.

With special thanks to: The Chris Field Fund, Chalk Cliff Trust & the South Downs National Park Sustainable Communities Fund .

Workshops to include:

Sat 28.07.12 The Friends Centre, Brighton, BN1 4GQ

‘Dreams of Peace’, Felt making, 10am-4pm. Create felt wish flags and dream catchers using wet felting techniques. This activity is for adults with Ali Rabjohns, (beginners welcome).

Thurs 02.08.12 Stanmer Earthship, 10am – 5pm.

Third Eye Arts and Media & Penny Hart-Davies ‘Keep Out! 10am – 12pm, activity for 5-11 year olds with adult carer/parent, create a natural door plate. Natural Collage and Painting, 2pm-5pm. This is an activity for adults with learning disabilities. Forage and collect bark, seed heads, grasses and much more.

Sun 05.08.12 Stanmer Earthship, 10am – 4pm.

Third Eye Arts and Media & Penny Hart-Davies, Natural Mandalas 10am – 12pm  & Natural Tree hangings 2pm – 4pm,

Sun 05.08.12 Stanmer Earthship, 10am – 4pm(break for lunch approx. 12pm).

’Walking the labyrinth’ with Earthkeepers: adult workshop.We will be creating a labyrinth and drumming outside, (weather permitting).

Sat 11.08.12 ‘Breathing Space’ Willow dome, 10am-4pm.

‘Dreams of Peace’, felt making activity for adults with Ali Rabjohns, (beginners welcome). Using the felt wish flags and dream catchers we made last time, we will create a ‘dream chamber’ installation in the willow dome .

Sun 12.08.12 at Willow Dome ‘Breathing Space’,10am – 3pm,

Weaving The Threads Back Home’, adult workshop. This is a collaborative workshop to help you create a beautiful community weaving , also using storytelling and sound techniques ,with Carolyn Richards.

Sun 12.08.12 Stanmer Earthship,10am-1pm.

Pots and Paper Kilns 1, with Sabine Dahn. Use some wonderfully earthy clay to make a pot or two, then weave the beginning of your very own paper kiln to fire them in. (Firing to take place on 19th Aug.) Children allowed if accompanied by an adult.

Sat 18.08.12  Stanmer Earthship,  11am-6pm.

‘Drum circle’ 11am – 1pm with White Buffalo Woman, Adult Workshop .Tree walks. Workshops for children. Celebrate Lammas with Earthy Women & Kids10am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm. Create golden willow bower, corn dollies, sing and dance, bring food for the fire, Pots and Paper Kilns 2, 3pm-6pm with Sabine Dahn. Come again to complete weaving the paper kilns around the pots; if you haven’t made a pot before you may just want to help build some wonderfully quirky kilns

Sun 19.08.12 Stanmer Earthship, 10am – 6pm, Lammas ceremony and celebration

Pots and Paper Kilns 3,10am-1pm,with Sabine Dahn, Watch the spectacular sight of the paper kilns being set alight to fire the pots!  Despacho ceremony 11am with Earthkeepers (Weather permitting), Circle dancing, Lammas ceremony and celebration 3pm, storytelling and natural art activities.

All activities: please bring lunch to share. Tea and coffee provided, Costs per workshop vary between £10-15 waged /£8 unwaged and £2-5 child + sibling, NB: the pottery course is 3 workshops and felt making is 2 workshops. If you’d like to book a place, contact or call 07528 614 747


Sacred Marriage Changes

Sacred Marriage Changes

Dear Friend,

Ali and I have met, journeyed together and we have been clearly guided to proceed with the Workshop in June, but reduce it to one day, Saturday 23rd, with a view to taking the work further and deeper later in the year, probably in October.

In fact there are several advantages to making this change, in particular it will mean that we remain very much in tune with the needs of the individuals who attend and to the great cosmic events currently unfolding.  It will also mean a new, lower price!

So this is how the June workshop will proceed:

09.00:                     Arrival, registration and settling in

09.30:                     Opening Sacred Space

09.45:                     Introductions and presentation of Marriage Gifts

10.15:                     Cosmic Marriage Despacho and the Return of the Inka Prophecy

11.15:                     REFRESHMENT BREAK

11.30:                     Mapping the inner masculine and feminine using Sand-painting Mandalas

12.30:                     LUNCH

13.30:                 Embodying the Cosmic Elements through Sacred Movement

14.00:                     Preparing for the Alchemical Marriage: story telling & creative expression

15.00:                     REFRESHMENT BREAK

15.30:                     Journeying for the Marriage Guests

16.15:                     Personal preparation for the Marriage Ceremony

16.45:                     Union

17.30:                     The new map of the inner masculine and feminine (revisiting the sand-painting mandalas)

18.00:                     Reflections and feedback

18.30:                     Closing Sacred Space      

Please note that this programme remains subject to change, but it will give you a good idea of what we plan to include.  We realise that you may not know what certain things mean or will involve, but all will be revealed and it’s good to have some surprises!

We intend for this to be a dynamic and very enjoyable day, with deep work and lots of celebration.  We are sure that everyone will leave profoundly touched by this unique event and our intention is to bring great healing through inner re-alignment which we expect will have significant and positive impacts on all participants’ external relationships.


The total cost of the workshop is £120, which includes all refreshments, lunch and use of the venue.

To secure your place

All participants need to have paid in full by MONDAY 11th JUNE  at the latest.

Staying at Whaley Hall overnight on Friday 22nd June:

If you have a longer distance to travel and wish to stay overnight beforehand, then you are very welcome to do so.  The additional cost of this stay is £30 per person, which includes breakfast on Saturday morning.  If you choose to do this, you are very welcome to join Ali and Neil for Fire Breathing and Early Morning Meditation at 7.30am.  If you wish to stay overnight, please contact Ali Rabjohns on 07528 614747 or email her at by Monday 11th June at the latest.

We very much look forward to welcoming you to Whaley Hall and the Sacred Marriage Workshop,

Love and Blessings, Neil and Ali

Ps:  If you need to talk to us or contact us, Ali is available on 07528 614747.