Hummingbird, Ceremony and Shamanic Healing

Hummingbird, Ceremony and Shamanic Healing

5.AltarAncestral Wisdom

This is a living energy archetype close to my heart. Hummingbird is a bridge to our creative potential. It connects us to the Northern direction of the medicine wheel in the Q’ero tradition. This organising principle helps us to release old patterns of behaviour in our lives, including roles we play out that could have been passed down by our ancestors.


Above: Feeding our ancestors with corn on the altar.

The true WISDOM of Hummingbird comes from a deep connection with the natural world and with the ANCESTORS. When we honour these ancient ones for their wise teachings, they stand among us. They watch our backs, supporting, protect and willing us to step forwards, standing on our own two feet.

Baba Yaga Altar 2Hummingbird Ceremony

When working as a shaman, I visualise a joyous, creative solution for my clients highest good. I track with hummingbird to see the highest soul light they potentially hold. This helps me to see if they are suffering soul loss and how close they are to really following their dreams. I encourage clients to invoke hummingbird when they are embarking on an epic life journey.

Above: Baba Yaga Altar based on the empowering fairy tale, helping us to connect to our intuition.

Working with an Altar.

Water drops on green grass and butterfly MorphoNorth Direction: Sere Kinti – Royal Hummingbird Altar.

This process helps me to step out of time. North is a good direction for honouring your lineage. It also helps me to developing a relationship with my heritage and my ancestors. If you want to call in more creativity, inspiration, love, fun and nectar into your life then feel free to ask hummingbird to help you do that. If you want help with being more present, then this is the right direction for you.

Above: In the UK, the iridescant wings of butterfly have an affinity with hummingbird medicine.

North is connected to air, communication, and timelessness and following our soul’s calling across thousands of miles. This would also be where you can get advice about developing your talents and skills.

Use a drumming C.D or drum in order to identify and name all the roles that you have held or hold in your lifetime. Go back to the moment you took them on and acknowledge how this still holds you in a particular way of being (and doing) and then let them go. Letting them go could be just writing the roles onto scraps of paper and then burning them in a sacred fire. It could also mean invoking hummingbird to blow your love and gratitude for these parts of you and their teachings, before letting them go to fly on to greater heights.

Materials: Archetype stones: Humming Bird, Khuyas (stones imbued with your love and compassion or connection with your ancestors), feathers, iridescent materials that represent Hummingbird.

May you walk in beauty.

For all our relations

Ali Rabjohns

Hummingbird Archetype – Shamanic Medicine.

Hummingbird (archilochus colubris) in flight, sipping from tropical flowers.

Hummingbird in flight, sipping from tropical flowers.

Hummingbird Medicine

Hummingbird energy is  beautiful, magical and loving, enabling a deep connection to our soul’s calling. Hummingbirds are called Siwar Q’enti in Quechuan.Traditionally, hummingbird feathers are attached to love ceremonies. Their iridescent wings hover and move at the speed of light, helping the little bird to move up , down and even backwards. These tiny creatures fly from Brazil to Canada each year and need a huge amount of nectar to survive. They don’t worry about where they’re going to get this nectar from but just have a trust and an inner conviction that all will be well.

This medicine helps me to find the right songs and stories for my workshops. It helps my word be filled with light nectar or sami and to follow the courage of my convictions. When humming-bird arrives it means it is time for ACTION!  It signifies a CALL TO ADVENTURE and a move out of the head and into the centre of one’s will – one’s SOLAR PLEXUS. We stop procrastinating when we have to take a LEAP OF FAITH.

Alberto Villoldo says in ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’  ‘ Once touched by the energies of this archetype, we are propelled on our own epic journey that eventually leads us back to our source, where our spirit was spawned, in that ancestral fields of flowers, we can drink deeply from the nectar of our lives’.

Hummingbird and Creativity

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”  Kurt Vonnegut,

This energy empowers me to connect more strongly to my soul’s essence through creativity, story telling, poetry and myth, even drama. Creative blocks can often be connected to an ancestral root. Once we have an awareness of this, we can release the emotional or physical blocks holding us back. Then we can move forward clearly and creatively.

As an artist, when I use the energy of hummingbird, I can switch off to the outside world. I sip the nectar of my creative voice with my inner ears and eyes through shamanic drumming. Humming bird medicine is represented by the theta waves of the brain. This is where I daydream out of the window whilst washing the dishes – or rise to a challenge, even though I have no idea how I will manifest it on a physical level.

Allow yourself the freedom to express yourself through art, music, sculpture or dance and allow those aspects of your true self to really shine and be integrated.  When we engage in a creative practice, we receive inspiration and well being on so many levels.

Working with Hummingbird Medicine and Creativity as a Shamanic Practice.

I work a lot with blocked creatives in my shamanic practice, it’s a fascinating process!  Clients are often held back on an ancestral level – possibly feeling that they’re ‘not allowed’ or ‘not good enough’ to create what they want to in the world.  There are patterns to be released here and blocks to let go of.  Whatever you do, hopefully you feel inspired by doing the work you love.  If you’re not doing what you love, then make small manageable steps towards your dreams. When you work with passion in your life, the universe will step in and support you in your endeavours and try and make things easier for you.

Shadow work also can help us to be more discerning with our energies, seeing where we leak or give away energy instead of using it for our own creativity. In order to be creative we need to be organised and to look after ourselves, nurturing ourselves with natural foods. Listen to your body and develop body awareness.

Soul retrieval can also help us to reclaim those parts of ourselves that are lost through trauma or illness, also past lives. When we do this, we have more energy available for our creative lives.

Keeping  a dream diary or journal has also helped me through difficult times in my life. What issues are arising that need to be looked at? What synchronicity is happening?  Any chance meetings or strange dreams?  Write them down and ask for guidance from your unseen helpers in order to move forward.

Experiential Hummingbird

Hummingbird has helped me to organise a trip to Peru with my friends from The Four Winds Society and go. I left my (then) young family behind for three weeks !. Also, in Canada as I worked on a textile installation in a flowery meadow, I was lucky enough to be regularly visited by hummingbirds on our site.

On a day-to-day basis I use hummingbird to help me tune into my creativity or enjoy the arts, as well as serve great spirit. This medicine helps me to find the right songs and stories to touch and open up my student’s hearts. It helps my words be filled with light and to follow the courage of my intuition, even when I can’t see where I’m being taken.

In my next post I will be talking about hummingbird and ceremony – how you can weave this easily into your daily practice.


May you walk in beauty.

For all our relations

Ali Rabjohns

Weaving shamanism and creativity.

Weaving shamanism and creativity.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ― Jalaluddin Rumi, The Essential Rumi.



Ali Rabjohns, Shamanic Practitioner, Tribal Earth 2016.

I want to share how creativity has helped me to weave in between my shamanic and creative practice. Of course, shamanism has been closely linked with creativity for thousands of years.

Artists, poets and musicians are able to switch off to the outside world, so that they can listen to their inner ears and eyes. These were our first shaman!.

The one constant element that still inspires my artistic practice is my own connection to nature. It has been a subtle, slow process helping my artwork to evolve. I use a shamanic and  therapeutic approach towards felting and watercolour painting, in order to create my own sacred space. Whether it’s macro or micro vision, nature in all it’s forms and seasons speak to me through my own experience of them. 


Nuno Felted Coat by Ali Rabjohns. Tailoring: Sandra Ventris. Photos: Ruthie Martin. Model: Holly Rabjohns.

Nuno Felted Coat by Ali Rabjohns. Tailoring: Sandra Ventris. Photos: Ruthie Martin. Model: Holly Rabjohns.

My aim is to express my experience of ‘Walking between the Worlds’ like a shaman. Through my creative experience of shamanism and previous travels to Peru, I enjoy using my shamanic skills and my drum to help me to journey to the roots of those painful and joyous moments I’ve experienced in this sacred gift called life. Then, when these roots have been uncovered, they can start to emerge in my art work.

I gain clarity and nourishment from what some people call ‘The invisible realms’ and I enjoy watching these worlds of the unconscious and conscious arrive in my artwork.  It takes a certain level of trust and courage to do this but that’s the wonderful thing about felt or painting, I’m never quite sure how it’s going to turn out!. Some experiences are unconscious and mysterious, needing further unravelling through sketchbook work, journaling and pieces of art.





Creative, Group Flower Ceremony with Earthkeepers. Summer Solstice, 2015.

What I enjoy most is creating special places outside with textiles and natural materials, places that connect to the elements and honour our cultural heritage. I enjoy listening to the rhythms of the natural world and using art to take ourselves inwards or help us to connect to all that is, to the stars and to the seeds of the universe that live within us and that we live within.







Yurt Blessing. Wild Star Gathering. Stanmer Park, Brighton, 2012. Photos: Graeme Telford .

When we create something we have seen on a shamanic journey, during a healing session or a ceremony, we are honouring the part of ourselves which needs to come back into balance. A very important part of my creative practice or ethos is the theme of sustainability. I prefer using natural materials and dyes, wherever possible – walking softly on the earth and leaving the smallest footprint I can for our children’s children.








Butterfly drum design onto deerskin.

I often start with an intention: honouring, singing and drumming, making offerings to the four directions. Sometimes I take a medicine walk. In my next blog I will talk more about the different ways you can connect to my creativity and spirit. Shamanism helps us to find the treasures in an unseen world, gifts that we can bring into the real world, at the same time honouring our creativity and power.

“Creativity takes courage. ” ― Henri Matisse

Find out more about my work on my website feltgoodfeltfine .

For all our relations.


Medicine Wheel Taster Day, 12 September 2015, 9am -6pm.

Medicine Wheel Taster Day, 12 September 2015, 9am -6pm.


A Medicine Wheel Taster Day

Date: 12 September 2015.

Venue: Ashfodon House, Rodmell , Nr. Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 3HE.

Please see map here

We will be journeying, creating ceremony and learning the fundamental tools that will help you to develop a daily shamanic practice. These include energy exercises, creating an altar, creating a sand painting, ceremony and journeying. This workshop will encourage an awareness of the unseen worlds that are all around us and of the many layers of nature.

I run a private shamanic healing practice. I also facilitates shamanic workshops which encourage you to have fun being yourself. Go to for more details.


The Q’ero lineage are a group of indigenous Indians originating from the highest Andes of Peru. When the Spanish conquistadors invaded Peru in the 1500’s, some survivors escaped into the mountains and kept their sacred teachings pure. The Q’ero’s have been able to pass on their healing traditions and ceremony aurally from one generation to the next. They continue to develop advanced techniques in healing, divination and ceremony, keeping a strong spiritual connection to the Andes.

Recently the Q’ero medicine men and women witnessed the glaciers melting in the Andes. To them, this was a sign from an ancient prophecy that it was time for them to come down from the mountains and share their medicine with the west. This they have willingly done in special workshops and trainings around the world with open hearts and arms. The Q’ero teachings are about bringing things back into balance with nature and to work in ‘Ayni’ or in reciprocity. The Q’eros see the divine in all nature and speak to each mountain,star, rock, river and tree with great care. In the Quechuan language, there is no word for ‘I’. So come and join us in the circle and experience the essence of this beautiful energy that is created when we tune in together to this powerful medicine and build our awareness as to how it can bring our own lives into balance.

Plan for the day.

The intention behind this day is to give you a glimpse of the essence that this powerful medicine holds in the four guises of the archetypes. We will be journeying, creating ceremony and learning the fundamental tools that will help you to develop a daily shamanic practice. These include energy exercises, creating an altar, creating a sand painting, ceremony and journeying. This workshop will encourage an awareness of the unseen worlds that are all around us and of the many layers of nature.

I will be sharing the medicine of the great archetypes, these are organising principles of the Universe: Serpent, Jaguar, Humming bIrd, Eagle

COST: £65

This includes all teaching and also includes £15 deposit payable in advance (see “To Book” below) Tea, coffee and snacks are provided but please bring lunch to share. The remaining balance of £50 will be payable either in cash or cheque to Ali one week prior to the workshop. You can also wire in the money, please email Ali for bank details.


HOW TO BOOK YOUR PLACE or to ask for further information:

Please call me on 07528 614 747, email me on or visit

May you walk in beauty

Moving Mandala Shamanic Training

Moving Mandala Shamanic Training

Moving Mandala Shamanic Workshop

Lucid Healing Presents :

Moving Mandala

The Moving Mandala is a very powerful container for embracing both personal and community energies.
We will be working through the chakras using art, movement, writing and meditation to weave together and honour each person’s unique journey.
A nourishing and creative weekend working in healing indoor space and on outside locations in Sussex.
Ali Rabjohns and Sue-Claire Morris are experienced creative facilitators and have completed a teacher training in the Moving Mandala.
Bring a journal to write in, comfortable clothes to move in (including waterproofs for outside work) Lunch will be provided on Friday and Saturday but please bring lunch
to share on Sun 1st..
5pm 29th October to 1pm 1st November
For bookings or info tel: 07528 614747 or e:
Cost – Earlybird – £220 until 1st Oct then £260 after. £50 deposit payable in advance. Venue – Tin Tabernacle, Cooksbridge Road, Barcombe BN8 5TJ

Free Munay Ki Talk

Free Munay Ki Talk

Free Talk at Equilibrium Health Centre

The talk will be an introduction to these beautiful Munay Ki Rites of initiation and my work as a healer.
The 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki transform and upgrade your luminous energy field. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past-your karmic & genetic inheritance.
They re-inform your DNA, enabling you to grow a new body-one that ages, heals, and dies differently. The Munay-Ki is your invitation to dream an entire new world into being.

These 9 rites can be passed on and exchanged without a huge amount of formal training, they are transmissions of light. These RITES can be passed as attunements which create a shift in frequency in your energy field activating your rainbow light body, so that you become HOMO LUMINOUS Living, ageing and Dying Differently.

In the Inca tradition, these energy medicine practices have been handed down orally for over five thousand years. Alberto Villoldo PhD, a medical anthropologist who trained with the Native American people in the Andes and the Amazon, researched the training that I received on the ‘Healing the Light Body’ programme. Please visit the Four Winds society website for more information.

Visitors will go away with a clearer picture of what the Munay Ki Rites are and how I practice as a healer.

If you have any more questions, there’s a fantastic website called


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This video sums up how I feel about the coming of 2012. I will be giving some free talks over the next few months at Equilibrium about the Munay Ki rites, 2012 and a new years Despacho blessing for the earth. Watch this space for dates.
In Munay



A vision without a task is but a dream
A task without vision is drudgery
A vision with a task is the hope of the world!

Equilibrium Health Centre

Equilibrium Health Centre

I will be starting a new practice in Lewes, East Sussex from 13 March.
My hours will generally be Sundays 10 am – 2 pm, other times by arrangement. I look forward to seeing you there !

by Mommawhitecougar

I am the seed buried beneath the soil.
I am the sigh of a breeze through bare branches.
I am the ember hidden in the ashes.
I am the droplet frozen in a glacier.

I am the daughter of the Goddess,
I was dreaming, but must now awake.
I am the daughter of the God
I was bound but long to run free.

It is the time for the seed to sprout.
It is the time for the gale to blow.
It is the time for the flame to rise.
It is the time for the river to flood.

Earth – Air – Fire – Water
I know myself as Gaia’s daughter!
Water – Fire – Air – Earth
The Horned One’s child has come to birth!

*        *        *

Imbolc © Mommawhitecougar 2006