How is Shamanism Different?

How is Shamanism Different?


Shamanism, Why is it Different?

I gain clarity and nourishment from what some people call ‘The invisible realms’. I often have a sense of having one foot in this ‘other world’. This is the land of the mythic, a land of story, archetype and myth.

As a shamanic practitioner, I’ve used my shamanic skills and my drum to help me to journey to the places that are connected to unspeakable emotions. When they’re found, they start to emerge into the light, to be honoured and energetically cleared. The strength of this shamanic work is that it can help me view my situation more objectively in terms of light or dark energy.

This is how simple it is for the Q’ero lineage I’m connected to.

How Can Shamanism Help?

  ‘Only if we dare to widen and change our perception, through spiritual practices and altered state experiences, will we know that consciousness is not local, that the brain and body are only our current vessels and that the underlying reality consists of an energetic web, a symphony of interconnected frequencies’

(Mackinnon C p291, 1994)

The land of the mythic connects us to our imagination and offers a golden thread that journeys through life with a creative spark. For me, shamanism has helped me to discover this thread and be aware of clearing the traps, roots and blocks that hold me back on a generational or ancestral/karmic level.

Tim DrummingWhat Does Shamanic Journeying Do?

In essence, the shamanic journey is a way of using rhythm and intention to access the mythic and spiritual realms, through an altered state of consciousness. Often, when I need to find a balance between the inner and outer worlds, drumming or journeying can help me to connect to deeper aspects of myself. Traditionally in a shamanic journey, a person can access advice and help through his or her spiritual allies. In my shamanic tradition, we journey to the three main worlds: Lower/ the underworld ( Ukhu Pacha), the middle world (Kay Pacha) and the upper world (Hanaq Pacha).

Through this process of journeying, we can embody the wisdom we receive into our relationships and every practical aspect of our daily life.(Sandra Ingerman et al)

I use journeying techniques and my intention to access all aspects of the questions I want to ask.

Mama Cocha, the oceanBy spending time in nature or ceremony, a shaman is able to access and experience their ‘wild’ or ‘animal aspect’. When we can do this, we can become truly conscious of ourselves. When we step outside of time in nature or ceremony, we can detach from the constraints of being human. Then, we are able to really look at aspects of ourselves with greater perspective

‘Humans are a part of creation and shamanism is our way of connecting with the whole’

Will Adcock.

Hummingbird (archilochus colubris) in Flight over Purple Flowers

Hummingbird (archilochus colubris) in flight, sipping from tropical flowers.

Re-write Your Own Story

Re-writing our stories can help us to feel validated empowered and connected to the earth. It helps us to focus on the more positive qualities and processes we want in our lives and let go of any remaining heavy issues. It works very much in the same way as seeing or vocalising a positive affirmation on a daily basis.

‘Shamanism is not a course, but a life journey’

Alberto Villoldo

In the shamanic circle at Unity, we will be empowering and honouring our authentic selves and energy bodies through ceremony and journeywork. This is an invitation for you to fish in enchanted waters and begin the process of re-writing your story in a safe, therapeutic container.

‘At the boundary between eternity and time, Between spirit world and sense world, Between archetype and individual creature, Everywhere participating in the nature of both, and as if forging the bridge
between the two poles that flee each other, There, upright at nature’s horizon, Stands the human being’

Giordano Bruno ( 1448 -1500)

May you walk softly on the earth, with beauty.

Shamanic Practitioner: Ali Rabjohns 2019.


Blackie, S, If Women Rose Rooted, The Journey to Authenticity and belonging. September Publishing, 2016.

Mackinnon ,C. Shamanism and Spirituality in Therapeutic Practice, Singing Dragon, 2012.

What’s in a Mesa?

What’s in a Mesa?

My Mesa

“If you have hope in your heart and even if you’re the only person left who has hope in their heart, as long as your hope is committed in action, then hope is alive in the world”  Julia Butterfly Hill.

AliMesa.JPGBeing a shamanic practitioner has led me to so many treasures and given me the strength to face any challenges in the way.  I have been forced to face my deepest fears and to work with my shadow, amongst other things. My mesa has been with me now since 2007 when I finished my ‘Healing the Light Body  Training’ with The Four Winds Society. I cannot believe it’s over ten years ago when I started this incredible medicine path.

My mesa is definitely a part of me ( see photo above). It is a symbol of my wounds that have been healed and brought into balance. The Khuya’s (stones) are now imbued with compassion and love. They can now help me inspire a client on their journey to wellness. Each Khuya represents a wound or an issue that I’ve personally had to deal with. So, when a client chooses a particular stone, I have a good idea as to what kind of journey they’ve been on and where the root of it may lie.

I feed my mesa regularly with home made florida water and ultimately my love. I talk to it and what it needs, sometimes I open it under the full moon to recharge the stones. To me, my mesa is another living being. I don’t have it open all the time, only when I’m working with it or when I’m with a client.

What do the stones or Khuya’s mean?

Medicine Wheel students sorting through the ashes of the fire for their North stones.

Medicine Wheel students sorting through the ashes of the fire for their North stones.

Sometimes, (like in the North direction) I’ve had to put my North stones in the fire and they have transformed.

Each Khuya is a wisdom keeper and has been on it’s own journey for many thousands of years before it has got to me. Sometimes I have found my khuya’s on the ground, some of them have been gifts and some I have bought in a shop. All of them in some way called to me and asked to be in my mesa.

We believe that the stones and crystals of the earth are the wisdom keepers and they play an important part during any healing ritual. They will hold a clients pain whilst the heavy energy in the LEF is gently released and brought back into balance.

A client will be able to tune into their body to where a particular issue is being held and then inform the stone with their breath. This ‘programmes’ the stone and helps to act as an organising principle for the healing session – allowing whichever layers that need to come up – be released.

My mesa cloth is also really special, as it’s been woven specifically for this purpose of carrying my khuya’s. Each motif or pattern represents a specific nature being, like Into Titi  for the sun, the river, the mountain spirits (apu’s). Each step of our spiritual paths are woven intricately into the cloth as the Q’ero are master weavers themselves. I love weaving myself but when I look at these mesa cloths, I have no idea how it’s been woven. I also made a felted inner cloth for my mesa in sacred space.


( Left Photo) Don Augustine performing a Despacho Ceremony near Salkantay, Peru.

I have such gratitude for all my teachers, seen and unseen along the way. It has been a humbling experience to be in my their presence, to see the beauty of their hearts as with a simple bell or a song they would open a way for spirit and for dreams to become reality.

The Q’eros know that the only way that the earth can survive these times is to bring their teachings to the west. Alberto trained with several different medicine men and women from The High Andes in order to do just that. I am very grateful to him, everything he taught me works in the most beautiful way – It has changed many peoples lives for the better when I have used it. I honour the fact that Alberto had the courage to put together his course and I value the teachings I received.

When I discovered the Four Winds Society I was looking for a spiritual path that had a deep connection and reverence with nature. I’ve been lucky enough to train with Dr Alberto Villoldo PHD – a medical anthropologist. A wonderful man – when he speaks to a group, he speaks on many different levels. He trained with the Native American people in the Andes and the Amazon and researched the training that I received on the ‘Healing the Light Body’ programme.

Some people feel that you need to be careful who you show your mesa to but I feel it’s good to trust your intuition and be discerning. Each Khuya can be carefully cleansed by blowing any stale or heavy energy (hucha) to a candle flame  or holding it gently above the flame and moving it around until you feel it’s clean.

May you fly with beauty

For all our relations

A Shamanic Space Clearing Ceremony

A Shamanic Space Clearing Ceremony

A Shamanic Space Clearing – Further Explorations.

My faood anenomes- like fallen stars on the ground.

Wood anenomes- like fallen stars on the ground.

Recently, a lovely lady rang about a local school that needed some shamanic space clearing. This was a larger space than the little well, 13 acres and when I looked at the satellite map, I could see that there were old sewage works and lots of forest!.

When I visited the site with an enthusiastic Mum of three boys who went to this school, I found out that there was a little bit of strained relations with the neighbours, as well as a slow dwindling of energy amongst the school community.

The History of the Land.

It was so interesting historically, built in 1901 – there was an old manor house with land that had been split up after the Second World War, with one of the largest walled gardens in the UK. There were wood anemones everywhere, it was a still and sunny day and perfect for what we were planning to do.

As we walked around the land’s perimeters, I felt nauseous when we reached the old sewage works. This was confirmed as stale energy by my pendulum. We opened sacred space near the most beautiful old bay tree in the centre of the woods and the wind caressed our faces, as if to say ‘thank you’ and ‘change’. I called to the land spirits and the ancestors for their support and guidance, then we made a plan together for the following day.

The Space Clearing Plan

This land had three major spots to clear: the old sewage plant, a portal in the north part of the land and a derelict building/caravan. The sewage plant in particular was affecting the ley lines that fed the school with positive energy. Ley lines are like veins of living energy that run through the earths crust. If they are blocked, then they stop the flow of good energy like abundance and helpful friends coming into our lives.

We created a water altar that included creative works by the children.

We created a water altar that included creative works by the children.

The next afternoon, we gave offerings of cornmeal, tobacco and chocolate along the land’s boundaries and to the four directions. We set up an altar dedicated to the element of water on a wooden chair made by the woodwork tutor in the forest. This would hold the energy work we were doing. 

My new friend made several little altars for the elementals around the woodland, while I went with my husband and we drummed near the sewage plant. After smudging the area and ourselves, I was taken down to the root of the hucha, or stale energy and shown what needed to be cleared. I used my vogel chrystal to clear the heaviness, like a wand. 

When the energy had been brought into balance I connected this spot with the Christ consciousness grid and the star beings. This allowed a very high vibration of energy to replace the heaviness that was there before.

A fire ceremony near the new 'Elder's Circle'

A fire ceremony near the new ‘Elder’s Circle’.

We went to the derelict house and eventually the portal later that afternoon to clear the heaviness and journey to the roots. With the portal, I didn’t need to seal it – just asked guardians of the light to guard it at all times. They would then only allow beings through for the highest good of all concerned. At each point of clearing you could really sense a  shift in the energy and the whole place seemed totally different when we had finished. It was good to have the three of us there, we were all exhausted by the end of the day!. We also felt a lot of support from the ancestors and the land spirits, who had been waiting a long time for us to arrive.

Me with my vogel chrystal, clearing heavy energy by the sewage plant.

Me with my vogel chrystal, clearing heavy energy by the old sewage plant.

I was grateful to my client for having the strength and vision to ask for healing on the land, explaining all of this to the two main teachers, who turned out to be the most open and lovely people you could hope to meet.

It felt like a blessing to be asked to help out here. I’m hoping to do a despacho ceremony soon, to help the school community dream their world into being.

Feedback from The Staff !

A teacher in the school wrote recently…
Thank you so much Ali for the work you do. I have found myself being drawn into the woods more in the past couple of weeks, and it just feels right. 
I was unexpectedly touched by the experience of the healing, and as the bluebells emerge, as the crops in the walled garden start to come to harvest, as the pool starts to show signs of coming to life, and the walk through the woods feels lighter and happier, I find it easy to believe in the power of this work. The universe affects us in ways that go much deeper than the surface of mind, and reach much farther than its operation in thought, and I am grateful for the time and love you bring to this work.
If you have any questions about space clearing or would like me to help you please contact me on

May you flow with beauty :),

For all our relations.

Being at peace in today’s world, tips for shamanic sanity.

Being at peace in today’s world, tips for shamanic sanity.

‘The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear’  Baba Ram Dass

Our mind opens to other universes when we take the time to go inside.

Our mind opens to other universes when we take the time to go inside.

1.Being Present.

Being present helps me to breathe and focus on the now. I can only act now and plan for the future. There are some really lovely mindfulness apps and websites around these days to help with anxiety about the future.

My favourite apps are Calm and Wildflowers. Calm has seven simple guided meditations to get you started.

Instead of worrying about things I can’t control in the future or lamenting the past, I focus on the next step I need to do right now and then the next. I follow the most positive energy currently available to me.

I don’t listen to the news or read the newspapers , because they are full of hucha or heavy energy (in this case, fear). Heavy energy holds me back from dreaming my world into being and drags me down. I still honour what is happening in the world with my prayers and intentions but I don’t buy into the ‘stories’ that are woven to keep us still.

2. Working With The Archetypes.

Shaman track their paths of destiny through the illusions, projections and fear.

I know I need Serpent when I’m struggling with any transition or change in my life. I call on him/her to help meshed my old life/habit, like a snake sheds it’s skin. Serpent connects me to my innocence, truth and beauty.

When I need to discern the right way forward and see what is holding me back, I know Jaguar can really help me. I am protected by Jaguar.

Calling on Hummingbird helps me to experience the sweetness and joy in any given situation. Hummingbird is also a token of love and creativity and connects us to our magical inner child. My inner child loves stories, painting, felt making and creating magic in my life.

If I need a bigger vision, I call on Eagle to help me see the highest potential in an idea or a project and the next step to help that to manifest. Eagle also shows me the tiniest detail, contact me if you would like further ideas on how to work with these archetypes.

Somebody who writes very well about the different archetypes that we can embody is Carolyn Myss. She has written a great book called ‘sacred contracts’, which I thoroughly recommend.

Night_Stars_Ocean_&_Couple_1920x12003.Creating our own Sacred Space.

Now it’s more important than any other to create our own sacred space around us as the world can become a topsy turvy and chaotic place at times. I don’t know about you but for me, time seems to be speeding up. I think that staying present, working as part of our community and creating circles of light with like minded people are the most important things we can do for ourselves, our friends and families and our communities.

4.Opening Sacred Space.

Opening sacred space is one of the most fundamental creative acts we can do for ourselves. This will become more and more important as we go through this transition from the old paradigm to the new. Having a special place where we feel safe and can then help others to feel the same sounds so simple but it’s paramount to our wellbeing. This could be a sacred place in your home or a power pace in nature. Being there and breathing helps me to slow down and hear the messages of Mother Earth through my heart and to collect my thoughts.

Click a Prayer for Creating Sacred Space  for the words.

5. Creating Circles of Light

Wherever you are, whatever you do – there is always an opportunity to create a circle of light. Whether this is through family, a gathering, a regular group activity or a ceremony, there are countless ways for us to open our hearts with each other and strive towards a higher purpose. See my last blog post for lots more ideas on the subject!

In her letter ‘We Were Made for These Times’ Clarissa Pinkola Estes said

One of the most calming and powerful actions you can do to intervene in a stormy world is to stand up and show your soul. Soul on deck shines like gold in dark times. The light of the soul throws sparks, can send up flares, builds signal fires, causes proper matters to catch fire. To display the lantern of soul in shadowy times like these – to be fierce and to show mercy toward others; both are acts of immense bravery and greatest necessity.

Struggling souls catch light from other souls who are fully lit and willing to show it. If you would help to calm the tumult, this is one of the strongest things you can do.

Let us catch light from each other and I will talk more about opening sacred space in my next blog post soon.

May you fly with beauty

For all our relations

Hummingbird, Ceremony and Shamanic Healing

Hummingbird, Ceremony and Shamanic Healing

5.AltarAncestral Wisdom

This is a living energy archetype close to my heart. Hummingbird is a bridge to our creative potential. It connects us to the Northern direction of the medicine wheel in the Q’ero tradition. This organising principle helps us to release old patterns of behaviour in our lives, including roles we play out that could have been passed down by our ancestors.


Above: Feeding our ancestors with corn on the altar.

The true WISDOM of Hummingbird comes from a deep connection with the natural world and with the ANCESTORS. When we honour these ancient ones for their wise teachings, they stand among us. They watch our backs, supporting, protect and willing us to step forwards, standing on our own two feet.

Baba Yaga Altar 2Hummingbird Ceremony

When working as a shaman, I visualise a joyous, creative solution for my clients highest good. I track with hummingbird to see the highest soul light they potentially hold. This helps me to see if they are suffering soul loss and how close they are to really following their dreams. I encourage clients to invoke hummingbird when they are embarking on an epic life journey.

Above: Baba Yaga Altar based on the empowering fairy tale, helping us to connect to our intuition.

Working with an Altar.

Water drops on green grass and butterfly MorphoNorth Direction: Sere Kinti – Royal Hummingbird Altar.

This process helps me to step out of time. North is a good direction for honouring your lineage. It also helps me to developing a relationship with my heritage and my ancestors. If you want to call in more creativity, inspiration, love, fun and nectar into your life then feel free to ask hummingbird to help you do that. If you want help with being more present, then this is the right direction for you.

Above: In the UK, the iridescant wings of butterfly have an affinity with hummingbird medicine.

North is connected to air, communication, and timelessness and following our soul’s calling across thousands of miles. This would also be where you can get advice about developing your talents and skills.

Use a drumming C.D or drum in order to identify and name all the roles that you have held or hold in your lifetime. Go back to the moment you took them on and acknowledge how this still holds you in a particular way of being (and doing) and then let them go. Letting them go could be just writing the roles onto scraps of paper and then burning them in a sacred fire. It could also mean invoking hummingbird to blow your love and gratitude for these parts of you and their teachings, before letting them go to fly on to greater heights.

Materials: Archetype stones: Humming Bird, Khuyas (stones imbued with your love and compassion or connection with your ancestors), feathers, iridescent materials that represent Hummingbird.

May you walk in beauty.

For all our relations

Ali Rabjohns

Hummingbird Archetype – Shamanic Medicine.

Hummingbird (archilochus colubris) in flight, sipping from tropical flowers.

Hummingbird in flight, sipping from tropical flowers.

Hummingbird Medicine

Hummingbird energy is  beautiful, magical and loving, enabling a deep connection to our soul’s calling. Hummingbirds are called Siwar Q’enti in Quechuan.Traditionally, hummingbird feathers are attached to love ceremonies. Their iridescent wings hover and move at the speed of light, helping the little bird to move up , down and even backwards. These tiny creatures fly from Brazil to Canada each year and need a huge amount of nectar to survive. They don’t worry about where they’re going to get this nectar from but just have a trust and an inner conviction that all will be well.

This medicine helps me to find the right songs and stories for my workshops. It helps my word be filled with light nectar or sami and to follow the courage of my convictions. When humming-bird arrives it means it is time for ACTION!  It signifies a CALL TO ADVENTURE and a move out of the head and into the centre of one’s will – one’s SOLAR PLEXUS. We stop procrastinating when we have to take a LEAP OF FAITH.

Alberto Villoldo says in ‘Shaman, Healer, Sage’  ‘ Once touched by the energies of this archetype, we are propelled on our own epic journey that eventually leads us back to our source, where our spirit was spawned, in that ancestral fields of flowers, we can drink deeply from the nectar of our lives’.

Hummingbird and Creativity

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.”  Kurt Vonnegut,

This energy empowers me to connect more strongly to my soul’s essence through creativity, story telling, poetry and myth, even drama. Creative blocks can often be connected to an ancestral root. Once we have an awareness of this, we can release the emotional or physical blocks holding us back. Then we can move forward clearly and creatively.

As an artist, when I use the energy of hummingbird, I can switch off to the outside world. I sip the nectar of my creative voice with my inner ears and eyes through shamanic drumming. Humming bird medicine is represented by the theta waves of the brain. This is where I daydream out of the window whilst washing the dishes – or rise to a challenge, even though I have no idea how I will manifest it on a physical level.

Allow yourself the freedom to express yourself through art, music, sculpture or dance and allow those aspects of your true self to really shine and be integrated.  When we engage in a creative practice, we receive inspiration and well being on so many levels.

Working with Hummingbird Medicine and Creativity as a Shamanic Practice.

I work a lot with blocked creatives in my shamanic practice, it’s a fascinating process!  Clients are often held back on an ancestral level – possibly feeling that they’re ‘not allowed’ or ‘not good enough’ to create what they want to in the world.  There are patterns to be released here and blocks to let go of.  Whatever you do, hopefully you feel inspired by doing the work you love.  If you’re not doing what you love, then make small manageable steps towards your dreams. When you work with passion in your life, the universe will step in and support you in your endeavours and try and make things easier for you.

Shadow work also can help us to be more discerning with our energies, seeing where we leak or give away energy instead of using it for our own creativity. In order to be creative we need to be organised and to look after ourselves, nurturing ourselves with natural foods. Listen to your body and develop body awareness.

Soul retrieval can also help us to reclaim those parts of ourselves that are lost through trauma or illness, also past lives. When we do this, we have more energy available for our creative lives.

Keeping  a dream diary or journal has also helped me through difficult times in my life. What issues are arising that need to be looked at? What synchronicity is happening?  Any chance meetings or strange dreams?  Write them down and ask for guidance from your unseen helpers in order to move forward.

Experiential Hummingbird

Hummingbird has helped me to organise a trip to Peru with my friends from The Four Winds Society and go. I left my (then) young family behind for three weeks !. Also, in Canada as I worked on a textile installation in a flowery meadow, I was lucky enough to be regularly visited by hummingbirds on our site.

On a day-to-day basis I use hummingbird to help me tune into my creativity or enjoy the arts, as well as serve great spirit. This medicine helps me to find the right songs and stories to touch and open up my student’s hearts. It helps my words be filled with light and to follow the courage of my intuition, even when I can’t see where I’m being taken.

In my next post I will be talking about hummingbird and ceremony – how you can weave this easily into your daily practice.


May you walk in beauty.

For all our relations

Ali Rabjohns

Sacred Exchange Exercise

Sacred Exchange Exercise

lucid-healing-slider-sunshine-girlThis is  a simple exercise that will help you release any heaviness into the earth.

Sacred Exchange Exercise.

This is an easy and great way of releasing heavy energy. Here, we are practicing reciprocity, i.e. giving heavy energy in order to receive sami or light nectar. Please contact me of you would like help setting up a daily practice.

The process is as follows and is called Samichakui in Quechuan:

1.  Bring your attention to your energy field or aura.  Notice the quality of the energy .

2.  With intention, make an opening in the top of your energy field (like a trap door) and draw sami (light nectar) down into your energy field from the heavens, filling it with sami and letting it exit through the feet.

3. Whilst doing this, simultaneously intend any heavy energy (hucha) to be released into pachamama (Mother Earth), also through the feet.

4.  Be particularly aware of any perceptions (verbal, auditory, olfactory, visual, etc) that arise whilst doing this exercise and be ready to receive any messages that may come to you during or just after this process.

5.  Take in as much sami as you feel you need and before ending the exercise.

6.   Intend the opening at the top of your energy field to close.

This exercise can be done almost anywhere, at any time.  It is often combined with saywachaquy, which is described below.


Saywa means a column of living energy.  This exercise is about building a column of living energy where the energy is from the Earth, rather than the heavens. The exercise is done as follows:

1.  Perform saminchaquy (sacred exchange)and release any heavy energy to Pachamama (Mother Earth)  Once this is done, due to the law of ayni or reciprocity, we can ask to receive from Pachamama her finest energy.

2.  From the soles of the feet intend for small roots or cords of energy to exend into Pachamama.

3.  Intend sami from Pachamama to enter the soles of the feet through these roots or cords and allow this energy to climb up until the whole bubble/poqpo is filled with this energy.

As with saminchaquy, you can do this exercise almost anywhere at any time, but it always must be preceeded with saminchaquy.

Blessings, Ali

Introducing Marc Wood…

Introducing Marc Wood…

It is an honour for me to introduce fellow  shamanic practitioner Marc Wood.  We have been part of a shamanic group for seven years and recently started working together with this beautiful medicine from the High Andes.

Below, I have asked Marc to talk a little bit about his own healing journey in becoming a shamanic practitioner.

Marc Wood Profile Pic

Marc’s journey

So, where does the journey to becoming a shaman begin? For me it all began sitting in my friend Caz’s kitchen having a cup of coffee and a chat. Caz looked across the table and asked me what I would like to do in my life. My reply was that I wanted to become a shaman and her reply was that it would be the hardest journey that I could ever take!

I wanted to learn more about healing, so I trained in massage, reflexology and then sports massage. I got to learn about the body and how the ‘heal’ on a very physical level. I also signed up to learn metamorphic technique, then cranial sacral therapy and spinal touch. I used all these therapeutic techniques to help my clients. Most clients would ‘get better’ and recover but some would improve but not actually recover fully. I then studied reiki and trained as a reiki master and my list of therapies grew further.

One of my greatest challenges was that I was still looking for healing for myself. I carried a deep wound of being abandoned as a child, being left by both parents who were parting. I was carrying loneliness, a deep feeling of not being cared for and loved. I just wanted to be liked and loved and to get this I would sacrifice myself for others.

When I feel like a failure, I look at where it originates and send love to that disowned aspect of myself. (Sidane Buchet, 2012).

fireeagleThen one day, during a phone interview with Chris Waters I started to discover my path. Chris is founder of The Spirit of the Inca; I was researching about sacred space and what happens when we open sacred space. Chris began to explain to me about ‘the organising principals’, and that when we opened sacred space, that we are bringing these together. Chris invited me to join her for the next Medicine Wheel, which I did.

A deep clearing process began, clearing out all that I needed to heal including the deepest wounds. Gradually peeling away the layers I began to discover myself, I understand that I’m not the sum total of my wounds!

What I have come to realise and know in my life is that the world is a beautiful highly polished mirror that reflects back to perfectly what I am putting out into it.

I now hold a different view; that I’m loved and cared for deeply. I’m now living in a world where I do not have to prove myself and sacrifice myself for others. I walk my path and follow my truth.

EarthThe shaman is told that we can dream a new world and new paradigms into being. Shamans have been dreaming this for thousands of years and my dream joins theirs.

Marc shares this medicine path through ceremony, workshops, talks and at festivals. He also runs a private healing practice and sports massage clinic in West Sussex.

Click the link to Marc Wood’s website

May you walk in beauty, for all our relations.



The Medicine Wheel : The Way of the South , Oct 25/26 2014 with Ali Rabjohns and Neil Brocklehurst.

The Medicine Wheel : The Way of the South , Oct 25/26 2014 with Ali Rabjohns and Neil Brocklehurst.

Amazonian serpent entities include the Yakumama, mother of the water, Sachamama, mother of the jungle, and Huairamama, mother of the sky.  These entities are illustrated in the painting above by the artist and shaman Pablo Amaringo (inAyahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman, 1999, North Atlantic Books).

Amazonian serpent entities include the Yakumama, mother of the water, Sachamama, mother of the jungle, and Huairamama, mother of the sky. These entities are illustrated in the painting below by the artist and shaman Pablo Amaringo (in Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman, 1999, North Atlantic Books).

In this workshop we work with the archetypal symbol Serpent, sometimes feared, sometimes revered in the contrary World of Men.

We explore Serpent’s essential female nature and beauty, her Earth-bound wisdom, her life-giving properties and the Medicine she offers us: Truth and Beauty.With her Medicine we dive into the depths of who we are, we are confronted with who, through the years, we have become and she teaches us the Way of Beauty through the constant practice of Letting Go. She shows us how to connect to our innocence, shedding our past and all the things we have clung onto the way that she sheds her skin: all in one piece. She thus shows us that life is an endless series of deaths and rebirths as we learn to come to terms and celebrate who we are and what we have right NOW, in this moment.
The way of the South is the first workshop in a series of four, where you will start building our Mesa’s or medicine bundles. If you already have one, don’t worry – you can use the khuya’s you already have or change a few of them if you wish. These workshops are intended to inspire you to weave a shamanic way of being into your daily life. You will learn different ceremonies that you can go on to practice at home or with others and you will be given tools that can help you to shift any blockage in your path. This is not a series of workshops that will teach you how to become a shamanic healer, what they will do is give you what you need to bring your own life into balance and heal yourself.
Day One: We will be looking at what needs to be let go of in our lives in order to come to a place of peace, innocence and beauty. Serpent helps us to shed our skin, as well as walk softly on the earth.
Day Two : This day will be a celebration and an exploration of who we truly are. After shedding our skin, we connect to our inner truth, to Mother Earth and open up towards a new beautiful, gentle path.
All workshops are experiential and contain a mixture of energetic practices taught by Ali and Neil, shamanic journeying, ceremonies and experiential exercises. Be prepared for a deep, magical adventure that is held in a safe container of loving support, allowing you to trust the mystery and beauty of this powerful work and open up to a new paradigm. A more detailed itinerary of what’s planned will be sent out to those interested nearer the time and there will be notes sent to each participant via email covering the most important aspects of the work we do together.
COST: £235: This also includes £50 deposit payable in advance. This includes all teaching on Saturday and Sunday. Some food is provided but we will ask you to bring something delicious to share for one meal.

FACILITATORS :  Ali Rabjohns and Neil Brocklehurst are experienced shamanic practitioners who have trained with Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society and with Juan and Ivan Nuñez del Prado. They run regular workshops and healing sessions for groups and individuals. You can find out more about Neil at and Ali at

VENUE: Tin Tabernacle Hall, near Barcombe in Lewes, East Sussex.

To book your place please phone Ali on 07528 614 747 or contact her by email on
Both Simon and myself felt it was the best experience we have ever had, I think we both felt we connected with a type of energy and way of being that we had been seeking for such a long time. We both love nature and ritual and ceremony and were very moved by how simple but strong these were in your teachings this weekend. As I think we said to you, Neil and yourself are a powerful force and a really amazing combination for this kind of work, making it accessible to the uninitiated like ourselves and yet keeping that focus and magic and honouring the energy you both work with.
Sue and Simon Reason, Manchester 2012 
I attended a two-day course with Ali and Neil and it was amazing. I began it feeling quite unconfident and lost in my life, unsure of what I was doing and of myself. After two days of beautiful and powerful ceremonies I feel revived, more confident and more at peace in myself than I have for a while. They are caring, knowledgeable and thoughtful healers / guides and they gave themselves to the course as much as we did. As with these courses the more you put in the more you put out. I thoroughly recommend them.
Kirsty Torode, Brighton 2013.
I have attended many wonderful, experiential workshops in the last thirty years but this was something different and of a high nature. Although it is called a workshop I would describe it more in terms of a deep communion with something that resides within me, awaiting my call. This communion with my inner Serpent energy led me to perceive what I needed to ‘let go’ and what I needed to ’embrace’ if I wished to become more of my inner Truth and Beauty.
The most powerful for me was in creating my own sand painting, which changed and evolved with me over the weekend. We each made a Mesa, a medicine bundle filled with our khuyas, which are continuing to be imbued with love and healing. By the end of the weekend I received many insights and I knew what was holding me back. I gratefully let go because I was ready. It is almost a month since the course and I have received so many gifts in many forms, in shadow and light, from Sachamamma. I can unreservedly recommend these Medicine Wheel journeys if you are intent to let go and uncover your true self.
Pamela and Simon, Manchester 2012. 
The whole workshop was thoroughly and thoughtfully planned providing fun and challenges in equal measure. You both created an atmosphere that was supportive, safe and nurturing so that the personal challenges could be approached with confidence and openness. Your experience and deep knowledge of the tradition shone through giving all the work strength and integrity. A powerful experience in every way! Many thanks.
Debbie, Manchester 2013.





Eagle – Dreaming our World into Being.

Eagle – Dreaming our World into Being.


Welcome to stillness, sacredness and a time of majestic dreaming !.

Sometimes, when we can only trust that the next step is for our highest good, then eagle can help us to have the vision to see our situation or re-birth through in a series of transitions. Eagle gives us the ultimate tool to let everything go. All our struggles and difficulties seem to shift when we rise up with the majesty of eagle’s wings and look at it all with a different perspective. Eagle energy can help us to take an issue up to the highest mountains , in order to shift it at the level of source. It an also help us to let everything go, in order to step fully into our highest destiny


Having journeyed through the North with our ancestral and karmic issues,the East direction of the medicine wheel helps us to see the archetypal and core behaviour patterns of our lives. These patterns may hold us back , eagle helps us to look at them from a distance with the coldness and clarity of a bird’s eye vision. Eagle also helps us to look at the minute detail of a difficult situation energetically, unravelling and dissecting the root of it.

Eagle is  about our connection with the heart on a deeply spiritual level. We can understand our sacred contracts with other soul mates from this perspective for example, even when in the physical realms what’s happening cannot be explained.

Eagle has helped me to step back and allow events to unfold for my highest good. He/she reminds me that when I start to desire an outcome or try to manipulate a situation for my own benefit, (rather than for the good of the whole), then I immediately go into a tail spin. I lose the experience of that calm collected flight among the airstream of the mountains I can only dream of. This exquisite energy can help us to dream a world into being that has no ripples or effects that will boomerang back to us in the future.


Medicine Wheel : East Direction, 22 and 23 March 2014.

Neil and I will be continuing our journey around the medicine wheel where we will be flying with eagle as visionaries and seers towards our highest destiny. This will be at Abney Hall near Manchester.

If you can’t make our workshop, then I encourage you to call eagle medicine into your life and spend some time to sit in stillness in order to see the core patterns holding you back from a distance. Take time to open sacred space, calling on eagle to help you dream a world into being for yourself and your childrens children for your highest good. Ceremony, journeying with eagle,manifestation boards, vision boards and dream catchers are all part of the wonderful, expansive and heart centred world of eagle medicine !.

Workshop Summary : Death and Rebirth

The journey East symbolises endings and new beginnings: something has to die before something new can emerge. So we will focus on death and rebirth on the Saturday. To do this safely and effectively we call on Eagle who connects us with Great Spirit and carries us in her/his wings whilst we die to a part of ourselves, before birthing something quite new.

Dreaming in a new world

The work we will do on the Saturday will prepare us well for the other major element of East work and Eagle medicine: envisioning and dreaming in a new world. So we invite you now to give yourself permission to dream big, to dream courageously, so when we come together we can make the most of the opportunities Eagle will most certainly provide for us as we reach the end of this Medicine Wheel and the beginning of something quite new.

Cost of this workshop is £150 per person . Please contact Neil for more details – or Ali at